As one of our franchisees you will link into a well-structured franchise operational system, benefiting from solid branding, proven track record, refined and effective support services, full access to suppliers and a mature operating system. Full training will be given with operating systems and manuals, ensuring the operational dynamic of the business system is executed with absolute precision.


Our Products

We control the creation of our handmade product like no other juice bar. We take the finest of mixed Mediterranean cultures and apply delicious flavours and ingredients to all we produce.

They are made with exact weights and measures along every step of the production process, ensuring recreation of our signature flavours. Our consistency is Thick, Cool and Creamy, in line with Thick Shakes, The Worlds favourite consistency.


Launch & Support

As a franchisee, you will have full support in planning, designing and launching of your stores. You will lower the risk of failure with our proven business model and have instant access to a supply of all raw materials, marketing and financial tools, training guides and our operations manuals, which contain the secrets to operational success.

Once launched you will benefit from ongoing sales support, access to our marketing material, new product innovations and sales promotions.At Dr Juice, we believe in treating our franchisees professionally and with personal attention. Our aim is to always be approachable and to quickly align the appropriate resource for the situation at hand. We have a vast amount of experience at Head Office from every facet of the business from the floor to the legal, technical and financial pisions of the business.

To consolidate this personal approach to the franchise relationship, our franchisees will have a direct international field representative for his or her market. This representative will be responsible for training the brand champion within your organisational structure, training your new crew members for the first outlet and will develop a good understand of the market during the 2 week on the job training process.

Following the initial setup, your international contact will stay in sync with your operations, directly or indirectly they seek to offer assistance in all areas of your business and quick solutions to simple or more complicated queries. Your international contact will also pay regular visits to provide you with feedback on improving store performance.


Product Localisation

Local markets have local needs and tastes. We believe that a ‘one size’ fits all approach in our product range does not provide a complete solution to our business. Therefore at Dr Juice we have a Core Product Categories and the flavours contained within can be customized to suit the market.

Further to our drink offers our stores can be very flexible depending on the specific locations. Our stores can range from MICRO kiosks to MAXI stores, capitalizing from increased turnover levels from areas of high footfall or promoting Dr Juice as a destination where customers can enjoy exciting and vibrant customer seating.

To compliment our range of drinks we can offer add-ons to the existing menu to suit specific locations and territories such as: tortilla wraps, bagels, salads, soft serve frozen yoghurt, cookies, muffins, soups and other delicious light snacks.


Marketing Customization

The international marketing offering from Dr Juice recognizes that consumers around the world have different values, customs, purchasing power and media habits. We work very closely with our franchise partners in their regions utilizing their expert knowledge of the territory and compounding it with our knowledge and experience in the industry.

The core values of Dr Juice as a healthy, fun, feel good brand remain true in any market, however the strategy for delivery is customized to suit the local market.

Customization of the tag line for example can help to localize perception of Dr Juice as a brand, be it functional or inspirational.

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