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Powering Up Potential

Our Purpose

The demanding lives we lead today, put a significant amount of pressure on keeping up with our innate wishes, wants, and down right priorities. How we earn a living, how we spend our time, our money, and why are we here in the first place. What does it even mean to say ‘I am ok!’ ?

At Dr. Juice, we believe in leading lives worth living, without judgement and in balance with who we are and our full human potential. We believe in making great memories, with the people we love, the ones we care for and the ones that care for us. We believe in taking care of the planet and making sure that the choices we make support that vision too. We are in a relentless pursuit to find and provide natural good foods that power up each and everyone of us on our journeys, however heroic or legendary we want them to be; whether it’s swimming from Sicily to Malta, to raise environmental awareness or whether it is dashing from the office back home through traffic to drive the kids to sports practice.

We will always be there for our tribe, finding ways to power up our people, to inspire, to care and to be inspired in return. To live, to love, to give.


We are here to serve. In a relentless pursuit to find and provide natural good foods that power up each and every endeavour, no matter how big or small. We strive to not only nourish the body, but also the mind and always the heart. Inspiring each other to lead the best version of our lives.

John Winfield, Founder

We Live

We believe that food and movement are the key to living well for longer.

We seek ways to provide our customers with a balanced choice of natural good foods that can provide the right nourishment for our activities. From fuel to recovery, from immunity to sweet rewards, we’ve got what your body needs.

We lead by example and use our channels to promote an active lifestyle and healthy eating habits for both young and old.

We also believe that ‘living’ is about working hard to achieve one’s goals as well as celebrating the highs and learning from the lows.

Live it up.

We Love

We do what we love, and we love what we do.

We show love to our customers, the planet and our partners by being grateful for the opportunities presented to us. We do not waste the opportunity to power up our customers and we do not waste what the earth has given to serve.

We show love by taking great care of how we serve nutritious natural goodness to our customers. We show love to our colleagues by following the carefully laid out recipes and process to deliver consistent Dr. Juice quality every time.

We also show love by finding creative ways to improve what we do, to achieve more and better tomorrow.

Whatever we do, we do it with love.

We Give

We believe that we get more when we give and that is why we give what we can.

From random acts of kindness to normalised positive actions we are on the look out for moments to support.We are there for each other to inspire, support, train, mentor and listen at all times.

We collaborate with those whose cause we believe in and support them nutritionally and financially whenever we are able to.

We use our channels to inspire others to also give back to the planet whenever they can.

The more we give, the more we get.

We're Hiring

We are a fast growing company with a focus on culture and a passion for investing in people, helping them to develop into the best versions of themselves.

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Our Music

You’ve probably noticed our passion for fresh beats when ordering Dr. Juice at one of our outlets. And it doesn’t stop there. Whether you’re working out, cooking up a storm or soaking up some sun, we’ve got the tunes to #POWERUP your day. Check back soon for new playlists!

Dr. Juice Partners

We have big ambitions for the juice revolution, but there’s only so much we can do on our own. To really make things happen we need other people and organisations to join us on our journey. Find out who we’re working with and how we can help each other. One brick at a time.

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