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Let’s talk about GUT, baby!


The gut is the gastrointestinal system of the human body meaning the entire journey the food takes in our body. Its function is to break down and absorb the nutrients that we supply the body with through what we eat. 

Why is gut health so important? 

Consider the gut as the foundation of our entire body, responsible for supporting and maintaining the rest of the body’s functions and organs. Our gut carries over a trillion good bacteria that are extremely important for the function of our organs. They help to fight bad bacteria, potentially decrease inflammation that may lead to diseases and is also a key health factor in fighting many different health issues we face such as mental health, autoimmune conditions and diabetes. 

How are Good Bacteria lost from our system? 

Many factors can contribute to the loss of good bacteria. This can include stress, not enough exercise, consumption of processed food, consumption of alcohol, antibiotics and poor sleeping patterns. 

Remember! You are what you eat. 

What foods can increase good bacteria? 

A variety of foods can help in supporting our body to generate more good bacteria.

🥗 Miso


In Japanese, Miso means ‘fermented beans’. It is a traditional ingredient used in many different dishes in Japan and China. Full of pro-biotics due to the fermentation process.
Mushroom Miso Bowl – a delicious mix of sweet potatoes, kimchi, broccoli, edamame beans, oyster mushrooms, marinated pak choi, quinoa, steamed rice, and a tasty miso dressing, garnished with roasted almonds and pickled onions.

Kimchi 🍤


Originating from South Korea, Kimchi is a mild spicy mix mainly made out of fermented vegetables. With similar good bacteria like the ones found in yoghurt, it is a great ingredient to promote a healthier gut.
Kimchi Toastie – a delightful blend of vegan kimchi, guacamole, tomatoes, and a crisp salad mix, served in brown bread.

Bone Broth


Bone broth is believed to aid in repairing the digestive tract and reducing inflammation in the gut, potentially improving overall gut health due to its unique nutrient content.
Restorative Ramen—a comforting bowl of ramen noodles, nourishing chicken broth, kimchi, oyster mushrooms, edamame beans, a perfectly poached egg, a touch of chilli and coriander, topped with the crunch of pickled onions and spring onions. Customize your bowl by adding your preferred protein: chicken, beef, or tofu



Kombucha can be a great source of live ‘good bacteria’. The mix is usually made out of Black/Hibiscus/Green Tea, Good Bacteria are introduced with the use of a scobe, sugar and yeast. When mixed together and kept at particular temperatures, the mix is a breeding ground for the multiplication of good bacteria. When the yeast starts eating the sugars in the liquid, fermentation occurs which adds fizziness to the drink.
Teaming up with ‘Good Witch Kombucha,’ we’re thrilled to introduce two fresh, unpasteurized kombucha drinks: the ‘Immunity Booster’ and the ‘Berry Fairy.
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